Ladurée Aoyama


Ladurée Aoyama

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything so I want to apologize (mostly to myself) for the neglect. I was getting married though, which feels like an appropriate excuse. But let’s put that behind us and move forward.

As you probably know, Slow Magic and I traveled to Japan with our families to get married (I plan to post more pics from that soon), which was so so so much fun. That being said, I have an overwhelming amount of pictures from the trip so I figured I should just start posting some. While I know these pics are low res (for fun, let’s pretend together that they are high res…hi-res?), they are from one of my favorite days of the trip. It was Slow Magic’s birthday and we spent the morning having lunch with our families and walking to Harajuku. We eventually split off into groups, and while walking to the Redwing shoe store with my parents, we happened upon a Ladurée in Aoyama. It was perfect because we all had been wanting to find a place to sit and have a drink (we had been walking in the sun and were tired and thirsty…almost angry at that point haha) and I was able to get SM something sweet to eat from a place he likes quite a bit on his birthday.


Paris Shopping List


Beauty products : It is pretty safe to say that if I am traveling to a foreign country known for its cosmetics you will find the most dedicated version of me ready with a phone filled with screenshots of beauty products that I have spent far too much time researching (which honestly makes navigating a French/Japanese/etc pharmacy way easier and far less intimidating). For me, wandering up and down unknown streets in search of a moisturizer, balm, or whatever other US unavailable product that I may have in mind is one of my most favorite touring activities. For others (Slow Magic), it is probably the most boring version of whatever a wild goose chase is. Luckily for him, most French beauty products are now widely accessible in the US (Embryolisse Lait-Creme is sold at Target and mostly everything else is available on amazon) and I was able to streamline my shopping list down to one France only beauty product : Biafine (a moisturizer).


Monoprix underwear :

For a while, I thought my obsession with the underwear from the French grocery store Monoprix (which I originally bought out of necessity on tour) was weird enough to keep a secret. That all changed when I read that Vogue Senior Editor, Lauren Mechling, also loves them. They are plain with a little lace, white and 100% cotton, so to me they are perfect.


Marie Antoinette Tea from Ladurée :

This has been my favorite tea since I was seventeen and finding it in the Paris airport last summer was a game changer for my mornings. I am not entirely sure if this is only available in France (I couldn’t get a straight answer from the girl at the Ladurée in SoHo) but I make sure to pick up a box every time that I am there.


Do you have any location specific products that you love?