Football Sunday

Football Sunday
Fawn Pillow
Poke bowl
Living room

Even though it was about 100º F yesterday, our first Sunday back in Phoenix was cozy in an autumn way. The main reason it felt so fall-like was because my brother came over in the morning to eat breakfast and watch football. During the fall in US (I know it isn’t actually Fall, but…close enough), Sundays mean football. Even if you do not follow football, if even your state doesn’t have a team, you are aware of its presence. Football has always been a big thing in my house and I find watching it on a Sunday to be nostalgic. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch football, when my brother asked if he could come watch the game at our apartment I happily agreed.

During the game, I worked on sewing fawn print pillow cases for our couch. I was able to finish one but then the needle broke while I was sewing the second one (which was so frustrating that I didn’t even attempt to change it). In the afternoon, Slow Magic and I went to H&M (I’ve been looking for a cable knit turtle neck sweater). When we came home, I decided to make us vegan pumpkin spice lattes, as I had never had one before. Afterwards, we got poke bowls from our favorite poke place, Koi Poke and ate them before going to the gym. xx