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When Slow Magic and I first got engaged and were starting the process of planning our wedding, I decided to get serious about trying to grow my hair longer (and it did grow longer and it continues to, for me this is so exciting!). After researching the best ways to go about this, I realized for this to happen, I needed to have a healthy scalp and I needed to stop all of the breakage that was happening from dying my hair blonde and the constant blowouts. SO, I ordered a silk pillow case, vowed to only blowout my hair if absolutely necessary, focused on having a healthy scalp, stopped using shampoos with sodium laurel sulfate, and decided to make sure my ends were always moisturized.

…which brings me to hair masks…I have always liked and used hair masks but I started getting serious about them when I started growing out my hair. Nowadays, I am wearing a hair mask about 40% of the time….I love them. Is that maybe too much time to be wearing a hair mask? Whose to say. The point is, I have found my favorite line of hair masks : The Circle Chronicles by Davines. I have been using different ones from this line for about three months now and I am obsessed! Here are my favorite ones (the ones that I am constantly ordering off of amazon) :

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The Renaissance Circle

The one I use the most is The Renaissance Circle, it is a repairing hair mask and I just apply it to washed and towel dried hair, comb it through and then put my hair into a top knot while I am at the gym or literally just all day. After, when I rinse my hair at night, my hair is so soft and it smells amazing (Slow Magic comments every time about how nice my hair smells).

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The Purity Circle

My other favorite, if I had to choose, would be The Purity Circle mask, which I am wearing as I write this (we are in LA right now…and I cannot think of a more appropriate time for an anti-pollution mask lol). I apply the mask to my scalp before I shampoo my hair (while it is still dry) or, right after I shampoo my hair. It is a purifying and anti-pollution mask that makes my hair feel so so soft and clean.

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The Spotlight Circle

The Spotlight Circle is what I use for true angel hair. It not only deeply nourishes your hair, it makes it so incredibly shiny…it is like highlighter for your hair. Idk what it is, but the product itself has a shimmer to it and every time I use it, I get so happy just looking at it (it’s the little things lol)

Cozy Essentials

Dreamline Alliance cozy essentials

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1. Diptyque Thé candle

Although I do not like having too many scented candles around, I think that having one good quality one is important for making things cozy (regardless of the season). Diptyque candles are my favorite and even though I love getting their holiday candles, I feel weird burning them after the holiday season. Their Thé candle is a warm candle that I think makes sense all season (other good winter ones are amber and orange!).

2. Weleda Skin Food

In my opinion, being cozy is about being comfortable and having dry skin is not comfortable. That being said, Weleda’s Skin Food, is my go to lotion. It is organic and I love the way it smells (Slow Magic does too)!

3. 100% pure silk scrunchie

I think silk is a curly hair essential and after searching for quite a bit I was so happy to finally find these.

4. cable knit blanket

I love this blanket!

5. Davines hair mask

For me, self care is an important part of being cozy and I like to do hair masks literally all of the time. I picked this one up when we were in Tokyo and I really like the way it smells (SM thinks it smells like axe body spray but idc haha).

6. candles

I always buy unscented white or cream ones in different sizes.

7. Over-the-knee socks

I am very into over-the-knee socks (maybe you have noticed lol) and I think they are essential for coziness.

8. Ugg Women’s Mini Bailey Button Boot

I love these, I have a similar pair that I keep in Vermont and I have worn them so much that they are getting worn out (I look forward to wearing them every time I come home)!