Gift Guide : Travel Girl

Dreamline Alliance Travel Girl

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I wanted to make a gift guide (maybe my potential wishlist?) for the girl in your life who likes to travel.

  1. T3 - Featherweight Compact Folding Hairdryer ($135) - Lightweight, built in power adapter, and cute. I have their travel hair straightener and I love it so much (if anyone in my family is reading this and wondering what to get me…)

  2. Slip - Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set ($120) - I use both the eye mask and pillowcase every night and I always bring them with me wherever I go. Not only do they protect your hair and skin, the eye mask is great for when you want to fall asleep while traveling.

  3. Chanel - Hand Cream ($50) - I do not own this but it is on my wishlist. So cute and compact.

  4. CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Set ($160) - This luggage is too cute for me to explain but I do not even think that I need to lol.

  5. RMS - Signature Set in Pop ($41.89) - One lightweight set with five versatile, hydrating products. Perfect for traveling and touching up on the go. I love how convenient this palette is and it makes my makeup bag so much lighter.

  6. Me Sugar - Household/Car USB Mini Humidifier ($15.99) - I do not own this but I think I am going to order this. Slow Magic and I are humidifier obsessed…we sleep with two and we have even used a travel one in our car while on road trips. This one just seems perfect :)

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