Keegan Allen at Erewhon

Dreamline Alliance

Hello :) Slow Magic and I just got back from a productive week in LA (productive for SM, I kind of just walked around and listened to music) and I wanted to post a still life that I took that kind of sums up our time there. The only object I want to explain is the Erewhon receipt (for those of you who have never been, Erewhon is a healthy grocery store…kind of like Whole Foods on crack…where you can somehow spend all of your money on like three things), the reason I included it isn’t just because we went there probably 5/7 days but more because we saw Keegan Allen (Toby from Pretty Little Liars) there, which was kind of a highlight of our time.

Moving on…now we are back home focusing on getting ready to go on tour, which is honestly always so stressful. Also, I haven’t been feeling so inspired lately and that is so frustrating… I need advice, what do you do when you are feeling uninspired?