How to get in the Mood for Fall

I love Fall and the moment I start to feel it is the moment I embrace it entirely. Here is how I get in the mood for the season :

Fall Checklist

Dream Angel

1. Warm sweaters 

the moment I start wearing sweaters outside is the moment that summer is over for me. Oversized ones are my favorite.

Apple Picking

2. Go apple picking

(see more pics from our time apple picking here)

Apple Galette

3. Bake something seasonal

Use the apples you just picked (because what else will you do with all of those apples). It will make your whole house smell like autumn.

Hot apple cider

4. Hot apple cider

Add cinnamon and nutmeg while you heat it on the stove.

5. Take a walk and embrace the cooler weather

Slow Magic

6. Pumpkins

Decorate with them, cook with them…visit a pumpkin patch

7. Flannel

Wear it/decorate with it

Dream Angel

8. Candles

The easiest, quickest way to make your home feel more like Fall is to light lots of candles.

9. Change your living room decorations

Switch out your pillows, throws, and rug for cozier more inviting ones.

10. Start a new TV show

Here are a few cozy ones that I like