Paris Shopping List


Beauty products : It is pretty safe to say that if I am traveling to a foreign country known for its cosmetics you will find the most dedicated version of me ready with a phone filled with screenshots of beauty products that I have spent far too much time researching (which honestly makes navigating a French/Japanese/etc pharmacy way easier and far less intimidating). For me, wandering up and down unknown streets in search of a moisturizer, balm, or whatever other US unavailable product that I may have in mind is one of my most favorite touring activities. For others (Slow Magic), it is probably the most boring version of whatever a wild goose chase is. Luckily for him, most French beauty products are now widely accessible in the US (Embryolisse Lait-Creme is sold at Target and mostly everything else is available on amazon) and I was able to streamline my shopping list down to one France only beauty product : Biafine (a moisturizer).


Monoprix underwear :

For a while, I thought my obsession with the underwear from the French grocery store Monoprix (which I originally bought out of necessity on tour) was weird enough to keep a secret. That all changed when I read that Vogue Senior Editor, Lauren Mechling, also loves them. They are plain with a little lace, white and 100% cotton, so to me they are perfect.


Marie Antoinette Tea from Ladurée :

This has been my favorite tea since I was seventeen and finding it in the Paris airport last summer was a game changer for my mornings. I am not entirely sure if this is only available in France (I couldn’t get a straight answer from the girl at the Ladurée in SoHo) but I make sure to pick up a box every time that I am there.


Do you have any location specific products that you love?