Keegan Allen at Erewhon

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Hello :) Slow Magic and I just got back from a productive week in LA (productive for SM, I kind of just walked around and listened to music) and I wanted to post a still life that I took that kind of sums up our time there. The only object I want to explain is the Erewhon receipt (for those of you who have never been, Erewhon is a healthy grocery store…kind of like Whole Foods on crack…where you can somehow spend all of your money on like three things), the reason I included it isn’t just because we went there probably 5/7 days but more because we saw Keegan Allen (Toby from Pretty Little Liars) there, which was kind of a highlight of our time.

Moving on…now we are back home focusing on getting ready to go on tour, which is honestly always so stressful. Also, I haven’t been feeling so inspired lately and that is so frustrating… I need advice, what do you do when you are feeling uninspired?

Travel Makeup

When I am on tour or just traveling, I bring all of my makeup in my carryon. Overtime, I have come to realize that all of the little things can add up to be one extremely heavy, awkwardly shaped thing in your bag and because of this I have become extremely selective with the makeup that I do bring. I tend to choose multi use products like a lip/cheek color or I choose a shade of brown eyeliner (the one that I am using right now happens to actually be an eyebrow pencil from Shiesido that I know will work as a makeshift contouring pencil in order to streamline my cosmetics bag. That being said, I wanted to share the things that I always have in my makeup bag. Before I get into that though, I just wanted to preface this by saying that I have oily, acne prone skin (idk why, but saying that to the internet makes me feel so vulnerable lol) so many of these products are geared to that.

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Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

This moisturizer has a cult following for a reason. This gentle but powerful moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and it leaves skin super hydrated and smooth. I use it as my moisturizer and primer.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer (1 Mattifying Primer)

If I want my makeup to last all day, I use this primer. It is great for oily skin and my makeup really stays in place.

RMS Signature Set : Pop Collection

When I found out about the RMS Signature Sets right before we went on tour in Europe I was super excited. There are two different types of sets : the Pop Collection and the Mod Collection, and each consolidates five (extremely versatile) certified organic products into one light weight palette, making them perfect for traveling. I love their Pop Collection, which has a bronzer (eye shadow if you want), highlighter (eye shadow again, I also use it to contour my lips), two lip/cheek/eye shadow colors and a lip/skin balm.

RMS Beauty "Un" Powder

I use this as my setting powder, it doesn’t make me breakout so it is my go to.

Nars Cosmetics Comfortable Soft Radiant Creamy Concealer in custard and vanilla

I love this concealer so much. It doesn’t make me breakout, it doesn’t dry my skin out, and it provides just the right amount of coverage. I just use it under my eyes or wherever I need it over my tinted moisturizer.

Kevyn Aucoin : The Eyelash Curler

This is the best eyelash curler that I have ever used. I have tried I feel like all of the most popular eyelash curlers out there, and I do not think I fully understood why anyone would buy an expensive one until I tried this one.

Shiseido : Eyebrow Pencil #2 dark brown

I use this for eyeliner, my eyebrows, and for contouring. It is high quality and inexpensive (it is only $5.64!). the eyebrow pencil also comes in black and I use it as an eyeliner : Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil Black.

stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

I like this eyeliner because it is so easy to use (maybe this only happens to me, but it doesn’t erase the eyeliner you have already put on if you go over it again) and the pen doesn’t dry out easily.

Maybelline Makeup Great Lash Lots Of Lashes Washable Mascara in Blackest Black

Finding a mascara that doesn’t bother me when there are fog machines at venues is tricky. I usually go for tubing mascaras but lately I have been using this one. I love the wand, I can basically buy it wherever, and it comes off easily.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water, Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Solution

I love this micellar water, it removes everything easily and makes my skin feel so so clean.

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Which makeup products do you consider to be essentials?

Road Trip Checklist

Dream Angel and Slow Magic

Slow Magic and I go on a lot of road trips…so many that I feel like l like I am becoming somewhat of an expert when preparing for one. That being said, I wanted to share my Road Trip Checklist with you so you can use it on your next road trip. 

Road Trip Checklist

1. Be prepared : make sure you have, at the very least, a first aid kit and a flashlight. If you are driving through mountains, make sure you bring a cold weather kit with blankets, hot hands, and food and water.

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Dreamline Alliance
Dreamline Alliance

2. Bring a cooler with snacks. I like to make and bring lots of healthy snacks so we do not have to stop along the way. Also bring bottles of water and coffee for if you are getting tired.

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Favorite road trip snacks : tofu spring rolls, Japanese sweet potatoes, and little containers of grapes, dried mango.

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Tips for packing your cooler : 

  • Only put cold food in the cooler, bring another bag with dried goods.

  • When you pack your cooler, separate items logically into different bags so you know where everything is and you can easily grab what you are looking for.

  • Bring utensils and napkins.

3. Have a Clean Car Kit : bring a roll of paper towels, wet wipes, trash bags, hand sanitizer, and paintbrushes (the are like little brooms for the car).

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4. Entertainment : download music and podcasts in advance so it isn’t silent in the no service zones. Also, be sure to bring an aux cable.

A few podcasts we like : Reply All, Stuff You Should Know, The Poundcast, and Mortified.

5. Keep the backseat organized so you can grab things easily.

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6. Bring a cable to charge your phone.

Dream Angel
Dreamline Alliance

Other tips :

  • When the sun goes down, pull over and walk around so you do not get sleepy.

  • If you do get sleepy, pull over and get a hotel room. For yourself and others, please be safe 🙂

  • If there are only scary restrooms at gas stations, you can also use the bathrooms at hotels, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and places like Target or Walmart.

  • Get out of the car every couple of hours to walk around, drink lots of water, and bring charcoal pills so you won’t feel bloated at the end of a long drive.

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Dream Angel and Slow Magic

Happy New Years everyone!!!

I thought now would be a good time to share an accomplishment from 2018, which is that Slow Magic played Coachella. I am so proud of him and it was so much fun AND I never posted pictures from it so I thought I would now :) The first two outfits are from the first weekend and the third outfit is from the second weekend. We were so sick on the second week, which was hard but still fun.

Dream Angel and Anton

dress : forever21 / scarf : laduree / bag : mansur gavriel /

Dream Angel
Dream Angel and Madonna
Dream Angel and Madonna

top : anine bing (similar : here) / skirt : vintage / shoes : frye /

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Dream Angel
Dream Angel

dress : astr the label (less expensive version : here) /

I took wearing a face mask a little more seriously the second weekend… getting sick at Coachella is no joke. I should have known better too…I got sick the last time Slow Magic and I went to Coachella as well 🤷🏼‍♀️

Gift Guide : Travel Girl

Dreamline Alliance Travel Girl

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I wanted to make a gift guide (maybe my potential wishlist?) for the girl in your life who likes to travel.

  1. T3 - Featherweight Compact Folding Hairdryer ($135) - Lightweight, built in power adapter, and cute. I have their travel hair straightener and I love it so much (if anyone in my family is reading this and wondering what to get me…)

  2. Slip - Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set ($120) - I use both the eye mask and pillowcase every night and I always bring them with me wherever I go. Not only do they protect your hair and skin, the eye mask is great for when you want to fall asleep while traveling.

  3. Chanel - Hand Cream ($50) - I do not own this but it is on my wishlist. So cute and compact.

  4. CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Set ($160) - This luggage is too cute for me to explain but I do not even think that I need to lol.

  5. RMS - Signature Set in Pop ($41.89) - One lightweight set with five versatile, hydrating products. Perfect for traveling and touching up on the go. I love how convenient this palette is and it makes my makeup bag so much lighter.

  6. Me Sugar - Household/Car USB Mini Humidifier ($15.99) - I do not own this but I think I am going to order this. Slow Magic and I are humidifier obsessed…we sleep with two and we have even used a travel one in our car while on road trips. This one just seems perfect :)

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