Paleo Tea Party

Recently, I had a tea party with my sister-in-law Erin. For me, this was so exciting because I have been having tea parties with her since we first met in the 9th grade. All of the food was homemade and either vegan or paleo.

Also, thank you to Slow Magic for filming it and editing it.

Paleo Tea Party


For the tea party I made :

  • Paleo vanilla cake with rose frosting and fresh berries
  • Paleo chocolate cake with fresh berries
  • Paleo maple macaroon tarts with strawberries
  • Vegan mini raspberry tarts

Paleo tea sandwiches :

  • Cucumber
  • Turkey Cucumber
  • Egg salad

Erin made the absolute cutest :

  • Paleo petit fours
  • Refined sugar free meringues
  • Refined sugar free candied orange peels


For the table, I started by using a piece of an ivory jacquard fabric that I picked up at a local fabric store as a table cloth. I did not have time to hem it (I should have planned better) so I just made sure that there weren’t any long threads hanging from the raw edges. For dishes I used a set of bamboo patterned china that Slow Magic and a I received as a wedding gift as well as crystal tumblers that I found at home goods. To finish it, I decorated the table with pink and white roses and of course the desserts. 

Dreamline Alliance grain free vanilla cake with rose frosting
dreamline alliance paleo chocolate cake
dreamline alliance tea sandwiches
dreamline alliance petit fours