Festival Essentials

fjallraven kanken

fjallraven kanken


north face fleece / north face jacket / urban outfitters windbreaker with hood


muji plastic cases

With the summer festival season coming to a close and the late summer/fall festival season soon to begin, now seems like the appropriate time to review the things that I consider to be my 'festival essentials'.

bag :

Fjallraven Kanken - Kankens are big rectangles, which make them easy to pack and keep organized. I have one in pink and one in light blue and I like to switch between the two. I separate everything into plastic cases from Muji and because you are always standing at festivals I make sure to put the things that I will want often closest to the top so that they are easy to access.

packing my bag

inside my bag (from the bottom up) :

  • scarf

  • leggings

  • long sleeve shirt

  • north face fleece jacket

  • sunglasses : to protect from the sun and dust

  • face mask : to prevent dust inhalation (extremely important)

  • ear plugs

  • comb / hair pins : to put up my hair when it is windy or too hot, and it is often both

  • compact mirror

  • rechargable battery / phone cable

  • advil/allergy medicine

  • tissues

  • wallet / cash

  • hand sanitizer / hand sanitizing wipes

  • sun screen (face and body)

  • makeup removing wipes

  • eye drops

outfit :

for me, dressing for a festival is similar to dressing for an international flight. I never know how hot or cold it will be so I dress in layers and then add or take away depending on the temperature. I usually start out wearing a tennis skirt and a crop top with boots and by the end of the night, I am most likely wearing something completely different. In my bag I always have a scarf, leggings, a long sleeve shirt, a north face fleece jacket, and a waterproof wind breaker with a hood just in case it rains.

- Dream Angel